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The Apparition

John Donne (1633)


Mary Shelley (1818)

Somebody’s Watching Me

Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson (1984)

We Are Being Watched

Savita Tyagi (2013)

We Are Being Watched – by Savita Tyagi

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This Is Not a Conversation for the Telephone – Stanisław Barańczak

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Golan Haji (2013)
Illustration: Mohamad Omran (2013)

Webcam Poetry

Joe Mcalister (2018)

Carol Ann Duffy, Havisham (1993)

A poem based on Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations, depicting the aftermath of Miss Havisham being jilted at the altar.

The Birth of Moses

The ‘original’ foundling

Mother Depositing her Child

A painting by Henry O’Nelson

Senua’s Sacrifice- Ninja Theory (2017)

A dark fantasy video game depicting psychosis.

Spring Day – BTS (2017)

A song based on the short story ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.’

The Handmaid’s Tale (1985)

A novel following the lives of oppressed women in a dystopian society.

Les Misérables

The world’s longest-running musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo

Little Orphan Annie

A comic strip by Harold Gray

Tracy Beaker

A book written by Jacqueline Wilson

The Unloved

A film directed by Samantha Morton

Deadpool (2016)

A Comedic, anti-hero, action packed film following the life of Wade Wilson.

Splintered (2013)

The first book in the trilogoy series by A.G. Howard…