Senua’s Sacrifice- Ninja Theory (2017)

Extract 16.38-18.38


Antagonist: Let go of your battle. Let go of redemption. Let go of Dillion. Don’t let your darkness hurt anyone else.
Senua commences striking her enemies.
Narrator and voices in her head (Whispers): Careful! Careful Senua. Careful! Behind you! Jump! Be careful Senua! Let go of your battle. Let go of Dillion.
Senua is on the ground curled up in a foetal position screaming and coughing, on the verge of dying.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Ending PS4 PRO 1080p 60FPS by Gamer’s Little Playground Copyright Ninja Theory .

In this cut scene as well as the rest of Senua’s Sacrifice (2017) is the imminent struggle to win a battle. Senua’s ordeal is to retrieve the soul of her loved one Dillion from the underworld. When Senua is fighting with her enemies, the antagonist commands her to ‘let go of your battle’ which has multiple implications, being that her ‘battle’ represents her journey of travelling to the underworld and facing enemies. However, another connotation of ‘battle’ refers to her inner conflict.
In addition to the whispering voices in Senua’s head, the enemy recognises her distress and bids her to not ‘let your darkness hurt anyone else.’ When contrasted with her battle, Senua’s conflict with her enemies does not compare with the enemy she fights within herself, as her ‘darkness’ refers to her struggle with psychosis and impaired sense of reality. Therefore the voices she hears in her head are auditory hallucinations to prevent her from succumbing to her fatigue. Although she does when she is curled in a foetal position screaming, indicating that her vulnerabilities have broken through her defences and showcased to the viewer. This is evident in the way the camera and dimming light pans closer to her body as a last effort to shield her shame that she couldn’t defeat her darkness.

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