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The Apparition

John Donne (1633)


Mary Shelley (1818)

Somebody’s Watching Me

Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson (1984)

We Are Being Watched – by Savita Tyagi

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This Is Not a Conversation for the Telephone – Stanisław Barańczak

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Webcam Poetry

Joe Mcalister (2018)

Carol Ann Duffy, Havisham (1993)

A poem based on Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations, depicting the aftermath of Miss Havisham being jilted at the altar.

Little Orphan Annie

A comic strip by Harold Gray

Heart of Darkness

Novella written by Joseph Conrad (1899)

Big Fish

Film directed by Tim Burton (2003)


Novel written by Ian McEwan (2001)

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

Play written by Tom Stoppard (1966)

Little Red Riding Hood

What big teeth you have, grandmother!

Withnail & I

You haven’t got a chance!

Inglan is a Bitch

Dere´s no escapin it

This Be The Verse

Man hands on misery to man.

No Country for Old Men

You can’t stop what’s comin’

Things are Gonna Get Worse

Take me back to the first verse,
The last ones just too pessimistic

There was…

Poem byChoman Hardi. Part of poem collection Life For Us (2004)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Short story written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Part of short story collection Tales of the Jazz Age (1922)