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‘To be Black Woman and Alive’ (2016)

Crystal Valentine & Aaliyah Jihad’s To Be Black Woman and Alive (2016), is the embodiment of the millennial black woman’s call for awakening. By exposing the black community’s internalisation of white patriarchy, both speakers tackle institutional racism in both mainstream society and the black community exemplifying its monumental influence on black women’s identity.Initially, we are […]

Black Girl Soldier by Jamilia Woods

  Jamelia Woods’Black Girl Soldier (2016) strives to remind millennial black women of the intergenerational struggle for equality. Through the notion of song, Woods combines a militant drum beat and politically resistant lyrics to provoke action from the new generation of black women. The audience is urged to explore how oppression infects various aspects of […]

For Coloured Girls (2010)

‘For Coloured Girls’ (Perry, 2010) explores the lives of black women in the US, tackling themes of sexuality, trauma and sisterhood.

Fake Deep, Cecile Emeke (2014)

Fake Deep explores one of many experiences of being black and female in Britain.