The Unloved

The Unloved (2009) Directed by Samantha Morton

Throughout The Unloved, the protagonist, Lucy is presented as being a victim of the oblivious attitude held by society as she is neglected and abandoned by those she is surrounded by. Lucy portrays the desire to be loved and to fit in within society, yet, she is constantly rejected, and this is highlighted through her constant attempts to build good relations with those around her. The Unloved explores the bond between foundlings and society and criticises the absence of care given to these children. The constant abandonment faced by Lucy reinforces the negligent attitude of society as they continue to disregard their duties towards these children. The Unloved challenges society by providing foundlings with a voice which they are not often given due to the fact that society so often fails to provide for them. Lucy is shown to be constantly asking her mother questions in an attempt to provoke a conversation, however, this turns out to be futile as her mother rejects these attempts by responding with minimal answers. The relationship Lucy has with her mother reflects the relationship between society and their attitudes towards foundlings as they continuously reject foundlings and treat them as the outcasts of society.

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