The Dream by Henri Rousseau

The Dream tells the narrative of three different perspectives, the naked women, and the women playing the flute and of Henri Rousseau. The naked woman similarly to Ophelia, embraces the wild, she takes it as her home and also her normal environment. The naked lady lays on the log is represented as the queen of her environment, not only as someone who is embracing it. She is surrounded by everything she needs in her wild atmosphere; food to eat, from the fruits growing around her. She shows no shame of being a female and also embraces beauty of the body and hair, a portrayal of women at their most natural form. Contrary, the lady playing the flute appears to be embracing the wild, through the concept of peace. She is wearing clothes and she uses the peaceful environment to feel and connect with her music. Lastly, Henri Rousseau’s narrative is of an environment which all can find some sort of happiness and a point of feeling content with themselves as well as sharing the environment with those that do not fit into the normal conventions of society in the period of 1910, something that he could rest peacefully knowing he had embraced.

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